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International Academic Conferences


No. Title Date
14 [2013 International Conference] Dynamics of Political Economy between Japanese Empire and Colonies 2013-08-08
13 [2013 International Symposium] Commemorating the Tohoku Earthquake 2nd Anniversary 2013-03-11
12 [Joint Academic Conference : IJS-Kobe Univ.] New East Asia Studies for East Asia's Mutual Growth 2013-01-10
11 [ROK-Japan Music Scholars Exchange Seminar] Musical Production, Performance, Research and Aesthetics in Modern Korea and Japan 2012-11-15
10 [2012 International Symposium] IJS from Global Perspective : Japan and East Asia after 3.11 2012-06-09
9 [Joint Symposium: IJS – ISS (Tokyo Univ.)] Tohoku Earthquake and Social Science 2012-04-28
8 [2011 International Conference] Japanese Labor Management Relations and East Asia 2011-11-04
7 [Joint Symposium: IJS – ISS (Tokyo Univ.)] Japanese Corporations' Asia Expansion and Labor Issues: From a Historical Perspective 2011-04-29
6 [2010 International Conference] Boundary and Diaspora of Citizens' State Japan 2010-11-25
5 [IJS-Tohoku Univ. Global CEO : Joint Academic Conference] Poverty, Inequality, Social Policies and Korean and Japanese Society: Comparative Study on Gender 2010-03-06
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