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Area Studies Special Research Team

Research Activities

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Social Fluctuation

Abstract This project is a comprehensive research project on the social changes in Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake, in an attempt to deal with these important issues through academic viewpoints. The basic premise is that the Great Earthquake was a historical turning point that altered the paradigm of the postwar Japanese society. We will try to capture the changes in the Japanese consciousness, structural changes in their everyday life, the handlings of civil and social organizations, and the issues of nuclear power plants, in accumulations of a holistic and comprehensive knowledge. It is our hope to attain concrete understandings of the substantial issues and social fluctuations through the field research in the field. We believe that the Great East Japan Earthquake will bring extensive impacts on the Japanese society, and it is crucial for us to approach this issue in a long-term prospective as well as through interdisciplinary approaches.
Duration March 11, 2011 ~ August 2013
Director KWEON, Sug-In (Prof. at SNU Depart. of Anthropology)
Assistant Administrator CHO, Ahra (HK Research Prof. at SNU IJS)
Research Participants LIM, Chai-sung (HK Prof. at SNU IJS)
SEO, Dong Ju (HK Research Prof. at SNU IJS)
LEE, Kang-won (Researcher at SNU Center for Cross-Culture)
KIM, Eun-hye (SNU Depart. of Sociology, Ph.D.)
LEE, Ho-sang (Senior researcher, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements)
Research Assistant SAKAZAKI Motohiko (SNU Communication and Media, Ph.D.)