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Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

Project Goal

Build a strong foundation for the development of a future-oriented Korea-Japan relations through direct participation by the experts, scholars, various NGO groups, and ordinary citizens from both Korea and Japan, to find creative solutions to the recent political issues in Northeast Asia as well as the common social issues found in Korea and Japan.

2023 Korean-Japan 100 Citizens‘ Future Dialogue

◼ Date:: 2023.11.24.(Fri) - 11.26.(Sun)
◼ Venue: Songdo, Incheon, Korea
◼ Participants: Total 100 (50 people from each country)
◼ Main Theme : Korea-Japan Civil Cooperation Leading a Sustainable Earth


[Sub-Session 1] The Possibility of Community Cooperation for Planetary Health

- Moderator: Kwon, Yeon-yi (Researcher at Ewha Womans University's Ewha School of Social Sciences)
[Korean Presenter] Na, Daun (Representative of NT International) 「Before it's too late to respond to the climate crisis」
[Japanese Presenter] Tomoyama, Tsuyoshi (Coordinator of Cultural Exchange, Shamisen Performer) 「The possibility of community cooperation for planetary health」

[Sub-Session 2] The Era of Post-truth, Korea-Japan relation in Social Media
- Moderator: Hwang, You Taek (Creative Director)
[Korean Presenter] Oh, Un Taek(Master's Student at Department of Science, SNU) 「The era of post-truth, Korea-Japan relation in social media」
[Japanese Presenter] Hirabaru, Naoko (Reporter at Nishinihon Shimbun) 「Media & Post-Truth & SNS」

[Sub-Session 3] Future Generation Exchange for Sustainable Korea-Japan Relations
- Moderator: Hisada, Kazutaka ("Korea-Japan Festival Hanmadang in Seoul," Secretary-General of the Japanese Secretariat)
[Korean Presenter] Um, Tae Bong (Lecturing Professor at International Regional Study (Japanese Major) Daejin University  「Korea-Japan Festival Hanmadang」
[Japanese Presenter] Shinho, Futoshi (Teacher at Foreign Language Department, Hiroshima Prefectural Kaita High School) 「Introduction of Korea-Japan High School Student Exchange Program ~for Future Generations for Sustainable Korea-Japan Relations~」

[Sub-Session 4] Development of Science and Technology, Civic Participation, and Practice
- Moderator: Miyazawa Bungen (Head of Corporation at Gakushuin School Corporation)
[Korean Presenter] Choi, Jong Min (Senior Researcher at SNU-IJS ) 「A Study on Nuclear Power and Citizens' Practice in Korea and Japan」
[Japanese Presenter] Matsuda, Yoshitaka (Professor of Developmental Clinical Sciences, Department of Children, Shiraume Gakuen University) 「Development of science and technology, citizen participation, and practice ~Focusing on the development process of babies~」

2022 Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

◼ Date : 2022.11.11.(Fri) - 11.13.(Sun) / 2 Nights 3 Days
◼ Venue: Shizuoka, Japan
◼ Participants: 100 Korean and Japanese citizens (50 people respectively from each country)
◼ Main theme: East Asian Peace Community Led by Korean and Japanese Citizens


[Sub-Session 1] The Role of Korean and Japanese Citizens for Peace in Northeast Asia
- Moderator : Hisada, Kazutaka (Japan Secretary General at Korea-Japan Festival Hanmadang in Seoul)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Jang, Se-in (Attorney general at the Ministry of Justice) 「The Role of Korea-Japan Citizen for the Peace of Northeast Asia」
[Japanese Presenter] Harada, Keisuke (Employee of Japan Center at Michigan State University) 「The Project of Chi-lan Pyenghwa Haksuk and the Future of Korea-Japan」

[Sub-Session 2] Korea-Japan Citizens' Solidarity for Decarbonization Society
- Moderator : Jung,Geum Hee (Writer of the National Assembly broadcasting)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Byun, Soo Bin (Representative, DIPHDA JEJU) 「Sea, You and the Future」
[Japanese Presenter] Kashima, Ken (PIXA Representative for International Exchange Association Platform) 「Korea-Japan Citizen`s Solidarity for the Carbon Neutral Society」

[Sub-Session 3] Efforts and Challenges of Korean and Japanese Citizens for a Gender Equality Society
- Moderator : Fukushima, Minori (Assistant Professor, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Kim, Soo Yeon (Research Professor, SNU Graduate School of Public Health) 「Low-Birth Society and Gender Equality」
[Japanese Presenter] Goto, Saki (Employee of FORUM8 Co., LTD ) 「Born in Year of 1982 - the Korea-Japan Societies from the heat of Jiyoung Kim」

[Sub-Session 4] The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Local Government Exchange between Korea and Japan
- Moderator: Kim, Young Geun ( Professor at Global Institute of Japanese Studies, Korea University)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Kim, Hyuck (Lead Researcher of Siemens) 「Exchange between Korea and Japan from the Perspective of Citizens - Background, Significance, and Current Status Suggestions Related to the 4th Industrial Revolution」
[Japanese Presenter]Suzuki, Aya (Chief of Fukuoka Prefectural Tourism Federation) 「Exchange between Korea and Japan in the Municipality - case of Kyushu, Fukuoka」

2021 Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

◼Date: 2021.11.12.(Fri) - 11.14.(Sun)
◼Venue: Online video conference (individual access)
◼Participants: 100 Korean and Japanese citizens (50 people respectively from each country)
◼Main theme: Korea-Japan Future Cooperation Envisioned By Citizens


[Sub-session 1] Peace from the views of Citizens: Peace in Korea & Japan, East Asia an World
- Moderator : Park, Myung Hee (Legislative Inspector of the National Assembly Research Service)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter ] Lee, Chan (Sales Manager, Lotte Members CO., LTD.) 「Peace Imagined By Citizen - the Peace ofKorea-Japan,East Asia and World」
[Japanese Presenter] Goto, Saki (College student in the department of Literature, Keio University) 「The Future of Korea-Japan Imagined by Youth」

[Sub-session 2] Collective Task : Low-birth rate, Aging population, gender, inter-generational issues and multicultural society
- Moderator : Yama, Yoshiyuki (Professor at Kwansei Gakuin University)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Lee, Jin (Novelist) 「Beyond the New Era of Isolation - a Society with a Low Birth Rate and an Aging Population, Conflicts and Youth Issues Re-examined by COVID-19 -」
[Japanese Presenter] Fukuda, Nobuya (CEO of Everyone's Home) 「Multicultural Symbiosis from the Perspective of Child Welfare - Think about Poverty, Delinquency, Developmental Disability, Refusal to go to School, Reclusive Loner, and Gender Inequality」

[Sub-session 3] Public Security and Environment : Climate Change, Infectious Disease & Pandemic and the daily scenes of Korea-Japan boundary
- Moderator : Yoo, Jeonggil (Director, Green Buddhism Research Institute, Association for the Environment of Buddhism)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Hong, Soo Yeol (Director of Resource Circulation Socio-Economic Research Institute) 「Our Task to Carbon Neutrality and Circular Economy」
[Japanese Presenter] Matsutani, Motokazu (Professor in Tohoku Gakuin University) 「10 Years Post Nuclear Disaster : Covid-19 and Olympic reviewed in Fukushima; Disharmony of Social Distancing 」

[Sub-session 4] Socio-Cultural Cooperation : Grass-root Exchange, Cultural Exchange, Exchange of Local Governments
- Moderator : Kashima, Ken (Representative of PIXA)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Park, Solbaro (Support Activist at Peace Organization) 「Korea-Japan Relations As a Team - Create a Korea-Japan Relationship that Solves Problems Without Solving Them 」
[Japanese Presenter] Suzuki, Aya (Section Chief of Fukuoka Association Tourism Federation) 「International Exchange Connected Via Road」

2020 Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

◼Date: 2020.10.30.(Fri) - 11.1.(Sun)
◼Venue: Online video conference (individual access)
◼Participants: 100 Korean and Japanese citizens who wish to participate in the Future Dialogue (*76 in total - 38 in Korea, 38 in Japan)
◼Main theme: Korea-Japan future cooperation envisioned by citizens
[Special Session] COVID-19 and Changes: Changes in Daily Life, Non-face-to-face Exchange Plans, and Others.
- Moderator: Nam, Ki Jung (Professor, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University)
- Opening remarks: Lee, Geun (Chairman of the Korea Foundation), Lee, Jong-won (Director of the Korean Studies Research Center, Waseda University) Kim, Hyun-Chul (Director, Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Kim, Young-geun (Professor at the Institute for Global Japanese Studies, Korea University) 「International Cooperation between Korea and Japan in the Post-COVID Era with Ex-Border」
[Japanese Presenter] Kagimoto, Taeko (Director of NPO Tsushima Hyangsuk) 「A Letter from Tsushima: The Things We Can Do in Covid Crisis」


[Sub-Session 1] Citizens' Solidarity for Peace: The Era of Peaceful Cooperation among North Korea, South Korea, and Japan
- Moderator: Yoo Jeong-gil (Director, Green Buddhism Research Institute, Buddhist Environmental Solidarity)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Jang, Jin-won (Director of MBC Gangwon Yeong-dong's programming and production department) 「Three Perspectives On Zainichi Korean」
[Japanese Presenter] Motokazu, Matsutani (Associate Professor, Tohoku Gakuin University) 「Issues for Korean-Japanese Civil Society to Think Together: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident and Corona Disaster」

[Sub-Session 2] Youth and Education: Reconciliation Education, Gender, Multicultural Families, and others
- Moderator: Miyanishi, Aki (JVC Korea Business Manager)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Nam, Ji Won (Teacher at Yuseong Middle School) 「Gender, Multicultural, Reconciliation Education for Peace」
[Japanese Presenter] Kashima, Ken ( CEO of PIXA) 「Imagining Open Exchange between Korea and Japan」

[Sub-Session 3] Living Safety and Environment: Urban Regeneration, Disasters, and others.
- Moderator: Suzuki, Ikuno (Peace Boat Disaster Support Center International Staff)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Son, Sang-woo ( Busan Regional Cooperation Committee Member of Je-dong Kim and Companion Shoulder to Shoulder) 「Multi-Complex Disaster of Korea」
[Japanese Presenter] Sugimoto, Izumi ( Hakumokuren Acupuncturist ) 「Living safety, environment: Urban regeneration, disaster, etc」

[Sub-Session 4] Socio-cultural cooperation: grassroots exchange, labor market, cultural exchange, and others.
- Moderator: Jo, Misoo (Communication Coordinator)
- Presentation
[Korean Presenter] Ahn, Hyeonjun (Project Manager Orbital Studio) 「Cultural Exchange of Un-tact Era」
[Japanese Presenter] Imamura, Kosuke ( Secretary General of Ainoshima History Club) 「The Significance and Future Task of Joseon Tongsinsa`s Registration of UNESCO」

2017 Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

◼ Date: 2017.11.9.(Thursday) - 11.11.(Saturday) / 2 nights 3 days
◼ Venue: Phoenix Island, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
◼ Theme: Shared Task and Opportunity : Korea-Japan Cooperation and Joint Response
◼ Participant: 100 People in Total (50 people from each country)


[Sub-session 1] Human exchange and cultural experience
- Moderator: Lee, Jong Won(Professor, Waseda University)
- Korean Presenter: Nam, Ki Jeong(Professor, SNU-IJS ) 「Human Exchange and Cultural Cooperation between Korea and Japan: Current Status and Prospects」
- Japanese Presenter: Yamada, Takao(Secretary-General of the Kawasaki-Bucheon Citizens' Exchange Society) 「Citizen subjects, facing of the tasks, solidarity and sharing of Korea, Japan, and Zainichi: Case of Kawasaki」

[Sub-session 2] Technology
- Moderator: Park, Cheol-Hee(Dean, SNU GSIS)
- Korean Presenter: Kim, Young Gen (Professor, Global Institute for Japanese Studies, Korea University ) 「Let's Start Reconciliation between Korea and Japan: Proposals for Establishing a Science and Technology, Humanities, and Social Convergence 'Disaster and Safety Community'」
- Japanese Presenter: Torii, Hiroyuki (Assistant Professor, Tokyo University) 「Energy and Environmental Problems Through Nuclear Power Plant Accidents」

[Sub-session 3] Population Issues and Social Welfare Cooperation
- Moderator: Anzako, Yuka (Professor, Ritsumeikan University)
- Korean Presenter: Jin, Pil Su(Research Professor, SNU-IJS) 「The Issues of Low Birth Rate, Aging and the Response of Civil Society」
- Japanese Presenter: Furuya, Yukihiro (Vice-President of the Association for Donating Wheelchairs to Children with Disabilities in Southeast Asia) 「Cooperation between population issues and social welfare: low birth rates, aging population, youth unemployment, caregiving」

[Sub-session 4] Grassroot Cooperation
- Moderator: Seo, Seungwon (Dean, Global Institute for Japanese Studies, Korea University )
- Korean Presenter: Park, Myunghee(Research Professor, Japan Research Center of the National Diplomatic Academy) 「Obstacles and Stepping Stones for Korea-Japan Grassroots Exchange and Cooperation」
- Japanese Presenter: Isozaki, Noriyo (Professor, Gakushuyin University ) 「From Grassroot Exchange to Cooperation」

2018 Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

◼ Date: 2018.11.21.(Wed) - 23(Fri) / 2 nights 3 days
◼ Venue: Kazusa Ark, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
◼ Participants: total 100 people (50 people from each country) (*70% of which are general citizens)
◼ Theme: The Role of Civil Society in Korea and Japan for Peace and Prosperity in East Asia
◼ Slogan: Connect Peace, Connect Prosperity, Connect People! (Peace, Prosperity, People Connected!)


[Sub-session 1] Cooperation between Korean and Japanese civil society to establish a peace process on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia
- Moderator: Kim, Kyungmook (Professor, Waseda University)
- Korean Presenter: Kim, Tae-Woo (Secretary-General for Peace, Incorporation) 「The Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula and Cooperation of Civil Society between Korea and Japan」
- Japanese presenter: Nishino, Junya (Professor, Keio University) 「Current status and tasks for establishing a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula」

[Sub-session 2] Civil society cooperation between Korea and Japan for a sustainable society in the age of prosperity-low fertility and aging population
- Moderator: Lee, Wondeok (Professor, Kookmin University)
- Korean Presenter: Lee, Jiwon (Professor, Hallym University) 「Cooperation between Korean and Japanese civil society for a sustainable society in the age of low birthrate and aging population」
- Japanese Presenter: Inoue, Makoto (Full-time Lecturer, Hokkaido Gakuen University) 「Welfare challenges in Korea and Japan: How to overcome the ‘employment collapse’ in an employment-dependent society」

[Sub-session 3] People-to-people exchange 1- Korea-Japan peace relay along the path of the Joseon Tongsinsa (goodwill missions): From Pyeongchang to Tokyo - Moderator: Tonomura, Masaru (Professor, University of Tokyo)
- Japanese speaker: Motokazu, Matsutani (Professor, Tohoku Gakuin University) 「Oshikawa Masayoshi and Joseon」
- Korean presenter: Song, Wan-beom (Professor of Global Japan Research Institute, Korea University) 「The road to success beyond 2000 years of friendship: advocating for a ‘safety community in East Asia’-」

[Sub-session 4] People-to-people exchange 2 - Korea-Japan educator exchange for future generations
- Moderator: Han, Yongjin (Professor, Korea University)
- Korean Presenter: Lee, Haksu (Seongsu Girls' High School Teacher) 「Role and Tasks of Korean/Japanese Educators for Friendship and Harmony of Future Generations between Korea and Japan」
- Japanese Presenter: Chi, Naomi (full-time lecturer at Hokkaido University) 「Stories of People Crossing Borders」

2019 Korea-Japan 100 Citizens’ Future Dialogue

◼Date: 2019.11.22.(Fri)∼11.24.(Sun) / 2 nights 3 days
◼ Venue: Ilsan KINTEX and Sono Calm Goyang Hotel
◼ Theme: “Citizens of Korea and Japan, Imagining new cooperation.”
◼Participants: 100 people (50 people from each country)
◼ Co-hosted organizations: Korea Foundation, Institute for Japanese Studies at Seoul National University, Waseda University Korean Studies Institute


[Sub-Session 1-A] Citizens' Solidarity for Peace: The Era of Peaceful Cooperation between North and South Korea and Japan
* Moderator: Shim, Gyu-sun, (visiting researcher at SNU-IJS, former Dong-A Ilbo senior reporter)
* Presenter: Mekata ,Motoko (Professor, Chuo University) 「Citizen`s Contribution to Peace」

[Sub-Session 2-A] Youth and Education: Reconciliation Education, Gender, Multicultural Families, and others.
* Moderator: Nishino,Junya (Professor, Keio University)
* Presenter: Kim, Seong-jo (Professor of Social Education, Sunchon National University) 「Korea-Japan Relation From the View of Global Citizen`s Education」

[Sub-Session Session 3-A] Living safety and environment: urban regeneration, disasters, and others.
* Moderator: Kim, Young-geun (Professor, Global Japanese Research Institute, Korea University)
* Presenter: Shingo, Kobayashi (Director of Peace Boat) 「Towards a Society where Everyone Can Help Each Other Beyond Countries and Regions」

[Sub-Session 4-A] Social and cultural cooperation: grassroots exchange, labor market, cultural exchange, and others.
* Moderator: Nakagawa, Keita (Kanagawa Prefectural Office Tax Payment Division 2nd Team Leader) 「New Public Diplomacy: What Form of Public Diplomacy Does Our Time Require」

[Sub-Session 1-B] Citizens’ Solidarity for Peace: The Era of Peaceful Cooperation Between South Korea and Japan
* Moderator: Kim, Kyung-mook Kim (Professor, Waseda University)
* Presenter: Hyeon, Hee-ryun (Team Leader, External Cooperation Team, Peace Foundation) 「Peace, From Me」

[Sub-Session 2-B] Youth and Education: Reconciliation Education, Gender, Multicultural Families, and others.
* Moderator: Lee,Ho-Seung (Teacher at Seoul Osan High School)
* Presenter: Sasaki,Riyo (Manager of Finance Department, Shiraume Gakuen) 「Participating Study Tour of a Korean University」

[Sub-Session Session 3-B] Living safety and environment: urban regeneration,disasters, and others.
* Moderator: Nagumo Utah East Japan International University Special Lecturer
* Presenter: Kim, Kyung-nam, (Director of Social and Environmental Research Department, Gangwon Research Institute) 「Forest Fire Damage and Blessing in Disguise」

[Sub-Session 4-B] Social and Cultural Cooperation: Grassroots Exchange, Labor Market, Cultural Exchange, and others.
* Moderator: Seo, Jeongwan ( Director, Institute of Japanese Studies, Hallym University)
* Presenter: Takahashi, Makoto (Director of Regional Diplomacy, Shizuoka Prefectural Office) 「As a Mature Neighbor Who is not Swept Away by Politics and the Media - Thinking About the Significance of the ‘World Memory Heritage’ Joseon Tongsinsa in Shizuoka Prefecture」