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Next-Generation Scholars Korea-Japan Academic Conference

Support for Graduate Students

Korea-Japan Academic Conference for Next-Generation Scholars is a program that supports academic exchanges between the graduate students in Korea and Japan. It is our purpose to discover promising next-generation scholars and provide them with the opportunities to engage with International academic exchanges. The program is open to all Ph.D. students of SNU, and those who have been selected through screening process will be provided with financial support necessary for the participation in the academic conference.

First Academic Exchanges for Fostering the Next-Generation Networks

  • Discussion : Ideology, Discourses and Activities of the Colonized People in Empire-Building
  • Date : March 23, 2012 1p.m. ~6p.m., March 24, 10a.m.~5p.m.
  • Venue : 早稲田大学 戸山キャンパス
  • Sponsors : SNU Institute for Japanese Studies, The Japan Foundation
Name Department Title
Jeong, Ki-In SNU Korean (ABD) Beginning of Contemporary Novels in CJK: Focusing on Natsume Soseki and Lu Xun’s Debute Works
Cha, Eun-Jung SNU Anthropology (ABD) Seoul Residing Japanese’ Identity and School: Seoul School of Education in the 1920s and 1930s
Kim, Tae-Jin SNU Political Science (ABD) Transcending Modernity: After Reading Yoetani Masafumi’s ‘Asia/Japan’
Kim, In-Soo SNU Sociology (ABD) Colony’s Intellectual Theory of State: Reconsidering Chosun’s Socio-Personality Dispute
Lee, Kyung-Mi SNU Political Science (ABD) Jaeseo Choi’s Neo-Regionalism: Chosun’s Empire Order and Exposure of Coloniality

Second Academic Exchanges for Fostering the Next-Generation Networks

  • Date : January 31, 2013 (Thursday) 1p.m.~5:30p.m.
  • Venue : KEIO Institute of East Asian Studies
  • Sponsors : Center for Japanese Studies, SNU. The Japan Foundation
Name Department Title
Kim, Soo-Yeon SNU GSIS Century of East Asia : Korea and Japan in Six-Party Talks
Parc, Jimmyn SNU GSIS Why is Japan’s economy staggering? : Internationalization of Japan and East Asian countries
Noh, Bup-Rae SNU Social Welfare 政策の学習のリソースと日本の経験と韓国の政策の展開 : 介護保険の事例を中心として
Lee, In-Hae SNU Anthropology Unfinished Project : An Analytical Review on Murayama Chijun’s Ghosts in Joseon
Kim, Han-Sung SNU Korean Literature The Modern City from Imperialist and Colonial Eyes : Focusing on Yokomitsu Riichi’s Shanghai (1932) and Kim Kirim’s “The Weather Map” (1936)
Ji, Eun-Sook SNU Anthropology 家族の個人化観点から見た前後日本の独身女性 : 「独身婦人連盟」を中心に