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Academic Research Professor

Academic Research Professor

IJS SNU supports Academic research professors for future generations of researchers in the humanities and social sciences who have received research grants from the National Research Foundation of Korea. Academic research professors can use facility equipment, and Seoul National University library, and are given the opportunity to participate in research and academic activities of the research institute.
Name Education
/ Field of Study
Project Title Period Advising
Kim, Wook - Korea University
- Literature
 Wartime (1937-1945) Aspects of Colonial and Imperial Representation in Japanese Literary Works in Colonial Korea and Taiwan 2021.7.1. ~ 2026.6.30. SEO,
Dong Ju
National Research Foundation of Korea
Choi, Jong Min


-Urban Planning Studies

A Study on the Inertia of Japan`s Nuclear Technolgy System: Focusing on Bureaucratic  Gruops and Nuclear Power Plant Areas 2021.7.1~2026.6.30 Nam, Ki Jeong National Research Foundation of Korea