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Junior Fellowships

Support for Undergraduate Students

  IJS is conducting following program in order to enliven the Institute’s educational function as well as to deepen the students’ understanding and interests toward Japan.
The students who are selected as [Junior Fellows] are given the opportunities to participate in the events hosted by IJS, including academic conferences, exchange programs, as well as educational seminars. In addition, the researchers and staff members of IJS will provide consultations and advices that are related to the studies of Japan. Each student who completed [Junior Fellows] program will be awarded a certificate at the end of the term.

Junior Fellow 10

1 Koo Jin Hoe Asian History
2 Kim Dae Ho Korean Music
3 Kim Dongjoo Asian History
4 Kim Juno Statistics
5 Kim Jiyeon English
6 Kim Taekwan Agricultural Economics & Rural Development 
7 Kim Taeyoon Anthropology 
8 Kim HyunSeok Civil & Environmental Engineering
9 Doh JungMin Architecture and Architectural Engineering 

                 Park Kwanyoung

Asian History
11 Park Yechan  Anthropology 
12 Park Jiyu Political Science and International Relations

                     Baek Jisoo

Biology Education 
14 So Yubin Political Science and International Relations

                Ahn Young Joon

Korean Education

                  Ahn Jeongjin

Archaeology and Art History 

                  Yang Yoon Mo

Mechanical Engineering
18 Yang Hyunjin Communication 

                    Ryu Jae Jun

College of Humanities 
20  Lee Doosan Political Science and International Relations
21 Lee Sujin  Asian Language and Civilization
22 Lee Seungin Economics

                   Lee Eugene


                 LEE Junghwan

Consumer Science
25 Jeong Donggeun olitical Science and International Relations
26 Jung Sumin Aesthetics
27 Jeong  Hyunjin Economics

                 Cho Yun Seong

29 Cho HaEun Psychology

Junior Fellow 9

1 Kang Dahyeon Painting
2 Kang Moonhyuk Nuclear Engineering
3 Kang Wonjun Asian Language and Civilization
4 Kang Jeongyoon Religion
5 Kwon Daeun Agriculture & Resource Economics
6 Kim Keon Korean History
7 Kim Minseon Political Science and International Relations
8 Kim Seonwoong English Education
9 Kim Soomin Chinenes Language & Literature
10 Kim Jooyoung Economics
11 Kim Jisol  Fashion Design
12 Kim Hyojin Nursing
13 Park Minwoo Asian History
14 Park Seonghyun Painting
15 Park Jihoo Korean History
16 Park Haneul Archaeology and Art history
17 Byun Johyun Asian Language and Civilization
18 Eom Seongho Asian Language and Civilization
19 Lee Youngjoo Korean History
20 Lee Wonkyu Western History
21 Jang Wonyoung Asian History
22 Jang Jeonghyun Language
23 Choi Sol Korean History
24 Choi Jimin Economics
25 Choi Hyunseon Korean Language Education
26 Pyo Yoonho Design

Junior Fellow 8

1 Kang Bada Political Science and International Relations
2 Kang Yujin Asian History
3 Koo Yejin Asian Language and Civilization
4 Kim Minsoo Economics
5 Kim Seyeon Asian Language and Civilization
6 Kim Youngmin Social Science Education
7 Kim Yerim Asian Language and Civilization
8 Kim Eunseo College of Liberal Studies
9 Kim Jisoo Ethics Education
10 Do Chaehyun Korean Language and Literature
11 Park Geonhoo College of Liberal Studies
12 Baek Donghyu Korean Language and Literature
13 Song Chanwoo Economics
14 Shin Soojin Archeology and Art History
15 Shim Gyuri Asian History
16 Ahn Dagyeom Physics Education
17 Yang Heejae Geography
18 Won Jiho Economics
19 Yoon yina Language Studies
20 Lee Sohee Asian Painting
21 Lee Hakgeon Social Welfare
22 Lim Hangseong Political Science and International Relations
23 Jang Intae College of Liberal Studies
24 Jang Hyojeong Asian History
25 Jeong Yewon Social Sciences
26 Jeong Hyebin Asian Language and Civilization

Junior Fellow 7

1 Go Sangjeong Political Science and International Relations
2 Gu Juhyeon Aesthetics
3 Kim Miryeong Geography Education
4 Kim Yeongdo Business Administration
5 Kim In Woo Religious Studies
6 Kim Jonghyun Biological Sciences
7 Kim Joong Hwang Aesthetics
8 Kim Jiwoo Geography Education
9 Kim Jinha Ethics Education
10 Nho Mua Asian History
11 Park Kyungtae Business Administration
12 Shin Seungmin Political Science and International Relations
13 An Seong Jun German Language and Literature
14 An Sumin Painting
15 An Seungmin Korean History
16 An Chiwhan Physics Education
17 Oh Se Young Political Science and International Relations
18 Yu Chan Woo History Education
19 Yoo HyeongJun Communication
20 Lee Kyung Gu Political Science and International Relations
21 Jung Haerin Business Administration
22 Choi Nakwon Political Science and International Relations
23 Choe Yerin Asian Languages and Civiliations
24 Hwang Yeajeong Aesthetics

Junior Fellow 6

1 Kang, Dong Jun Business Administration
2 Koo, Sang Hee Anthropology
3 Kwon, Dae Young Economics
4 Kwon, Eun Che Liberal Studies
5 Kim, Min Soo French Language Education
6 Kim, Seo Jin French Language and Literature
7 Kim, Se Hwan Nursing
8 Kim, Soo Min Civil and Environmental Engineering
9 Kim, Ha Kyeong Liberal Studies
10 Nam, Hee Hyun Liberal Studies
11 Seo, Won Seop Economics
12 Ahn, Seo Yeon French Language and Literature
13 Lee Min Joo Horticultural Science and Biotechnology
14 Lee Young Woo Oriental Painting
15 Lee Ji In Social Welfare
16 Lee Ji Hyun Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
17 Lee Hak Geon Asian Languages and Civiliations
18 Jang Jin Kwan Composition
19 Jeong Soo Bin Nursing
20 Cho Eun Painting
21 Cha Sun Woo Asian History
22 Choi Yong Hyuk Korean History
23 Hong Dong Eui Asian History
24 Hong In Gi Korean History

Junior Fellow 5

1 Kang, Da Eun Asian History
2 Kang, Won Suk Political Science
3 Kim, Min Ji Consumer Science
4 Kim, So Yeon Economics
5 Kim, So Yeon English Language and Literature
6 Kim, Song Hee Political Science and International Relations
7 Park, Ji Eun Chinese Language and Literature
8 Byeon, Ji Young Western History
9 Suh, Yeh Dam Social Studies Education
10 Shin, Young Hwan Humanities
11 Shin, Yong Hwa Economics
12 Yoo, Seung Jae Chemistry Education
13 Yoo, Hyung Shin Linguistics
14 Yoon, Young Suh Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design
15 Lee, Dong Min French Language Education
16 Lee, Eun Bin Geography Education
17 Lee, Jun Hyun Anthropology
18 Lee, Jae Hyeon Economics
19 Jang, Min Gyung Humanities
20 Jung,Jae Sun Geography
21 Cho, Jung Min Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
22 Choi, Hong Suk Business Administration
23 Han, Gyul Communication
24 Han, Seung Ho Physics and Astronomy
25 Ham, Hyun Joo Asian Language and Civilizations

Junior Fellow 4

1 Koo, Yun-Young History Education
2 Kwon, Ja-Hyun Liberal Studies
3 Kim, Gun-Ho Asian History
4 Kim, Gyeong-Min Earth and Environmental Science
5 Kim, Gyeong-Eun Communication
6 Kim, Su-Hwan Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
7 Kim, Jin-Hyeon Nuclear Engineering
8 Kim, Hye-Won Economics
9 Nam, Seung-Beom Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
10 Ryu, Seok-Hyeon Korean History
11 Moon, Jeong-Bin French Language Education
12 Park, Sang-Hoon Political Science and International Relations
13 Park, In-Woo Aesthetic
14 Shin, Su-An Political Science and International Relations
15 Yeom, Ju-Min Sociology
16 Lee, Dong-Myeong Liberal Studies
17 Yim, Guk-Tae Geography
18 Jang, Ho-Jun Economics
19 Jeong, Jong-Hyeon Humanities
20 Jo, Hyeon-Suh Western History
21 Chae, Min-Seok Electrical and Computer Engineering
22 Choi, Su-Hyeon English Literature
23 Hong, Sung-Wan Economics
24 Hong, Ju-Hyeong Asian History
25 Hwang, Tae-Hun Psychology