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Japan Specialist Seminars

Specialist Seminars

No. Title Date
267 Japanese Film Archive and Prokino Archiving 2022-06-14
266 The Identity of Zainichi Korean & the Formation and the Significance of Transnational Culture via the Zainichi Performance Culture 2022-05-31
265 Japan's Official Development Aid: A New Trend in Economic-Security Linkage 2022-05-24
264 Observation of NPO Policies in Japan : as a Citizen-driven Process 2022-05-03
263 International Comparison of Covid Pandemic :Focusing on Korea 2022-04-26
262 The history and struggle of Zainichi Koreans in a sanatorium for Hansen’s disease in Japan” 2022-04-12
261 The End and Reorganization of Japanese Subculture – 100 years of Consumption Society 2022-03-22
260 Japan's Economic Stability Promotion Act: Background and Content 2022-03-08
259 Current status and challenges of welfare of the elderly in a super-aged society 2021-11-30
258 Nuclear Technology State Japan's Conventional Military Strategy and Korea 2021-10-19