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List of Japan Studies Research Institutions (Abroad)

Research Institutions

Country /
University /
Japan Statistics Bureau of Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan Diplomatic Archives (Diplomatic Record Office)
Diplomatic Bluebook
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Old Map Collection of Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
Land Vicissitude Archive
Digital Japan Portal Web Site
Japan Ministry of Defense The National Institute for Defense Studies
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 
Japan External Trade and Organization 
Bank of Japan 
Cabinet Office White Paper, annual reports, etc.
Ministry of Justice White Paper/Statistics
The House of Representatives Parliament Museum
House of Councilors 
Diet Proceedings Search System Minutes of the Diet (国会会議録)
Minutes of Imperial Diet Proceedings (帝国講会会議録
The Japan Foundation
The Japan-Korea Cultural Foundation 
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Center
University of Tokyo Institute of Social Science
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia
Ryukoku University Research Institute for Social Sciences
International Christian University The Social Science Research Institute
Meiji University Institute of Social Sciences
Chuo University Institute of Social Sciences
Institute for Humanities
Osaka University Institute of Social and Economic Research
Kyoto University Institute for Humanities
Institute of Economic Research
Doshisha University Institute for Humanities
Kanagawa University Institute for Humanities
Ritsumeikan University Institute for Humanities
Institute of International Language and Culture Studies
Gakushuin University Institute for Humanities
Kanto Gakuin University Institute for Humanities
Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies
The Ohara Institute for Social Research
Others Kyoto Historical Research Center for Buraku Research Issues
The Institute for Buraku Topics
Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute
International Research Center for Japanese Studies
Japan Economic Research Institute Inc. (JERI)
The Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI)
National Diet Library Digital Data
Digital Collections
National Archives of Japan Archives
Digital Archives
Japan Center for Asia Histrorical Records
National Museum of Ethnology Matsuo Collection
National Institute of Japanese Literature
National Institute for Educational Policy Research Education Library
Gakushuin University Library 
Keio University Media Center Digital Collection
Kyoto University Digital Library Rare Material Exhibition
Kindai Univeristy
Doshisha University Digital Library
Jo Niijima Collection
Tokyo Keizai University Library
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Library
University of Tokyo Library System
Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia Library
Ryukoku University Library Collection
Waseda University Classical Books Comprehensive Database
Japan External Trade Organization Digital Archive
University of Tsukuba Library 
Kokugakuin University Digital Library
Hosei University Library Library Collection
Hitotsubashi University Center for Historical Social Science Literature
Fishery Resource Agency National Research Institute of Fisheries Science
Geological Survey of Japan
Toyo Bunko Database
Institue of Developing Economies(IDE)-JETRO Digital Archive
The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training