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HK Project Research - the 3rd Stage(Second Period)

Research Activities

Economy and Business: “Secular Stagnation” and Reorganization of Japan’s Economic and Business System

Director of Research YEO In Man (Gangneung-Wonju Nat. Univ.) The Implication of Proliferating “Post Growth Theory”
Joint Researcher KWON Hyeog Ug (Nihon Univ.) Productivity, Wage Drop and Long-term Stagnation
RYU Sang Yoon (LG Econ. Research Inst.) Low Birth Rate・Aging Society and the Transition of Economic・Industrial Structure
KU Bon Kwan (Samsung Econ. Research. Inst.) Abenomics: Its Outcome, Limitation, and Prospect
KIM Dong Hwan (Korea Inst. of Finance) Future Image of Japan’s Bank and Finance System
WOO Jong Won (Saitama Univ.) Reorganization of Japanese-style Human Resource Management System
OH Jae Hwon (Meiji Univ.) Outcome and Limitation of Japanese-style Production System: Focusing on the Case of Innovation Activities related to the Development ・ Production Systems in Automobile Enterprises
YIM Chae Sung (Rikkyo Univ.) Japanese Industry and Responses of Enterprises: The Case of Shipping and Shipbuilding Industry
PARK Sang Jun (Waseda Univ.) Global Engagement Phenomena in Japanese Manufacturing Industry and Structural Characteristics
Research Assistant YOO Sang Hee SNU Graduate School of International Studies, Doctoral Course

Thoughts and Literature: Extrication from Postwar and Escaping Democracy

Director of Research JO Gwanja (SNU) Democracy Theory on Cultural Conservatism
SEO Dong Ju (SNU) Democracy Theory on Cultural Conservatism
Joint Researcher JO Jung Min (Pusan Nat. Univ.) Struggling for Security and the Directional Change of Liberalism
NAM Sang Wok (Incheon Nat. Univ.) Culture Movement and Postmodernism since the 1970s
SHIN Ki Young (Ochanomizu Univ.) Women/Family Article in Postwar Constitution and the Problem of Movements for Constitutional Reform
PARK Kyu Tae (Hanyang Univ.) Democracy of the Association of Shinto Shrine: Criticizing Civilization and Ecology
KIM Tae Jin (SNU) Perception and Reproduction of Prewar Democracy in 1970s
Research Assistant LIM Hee Hyun SNU Korean Language and Literature, Doctoral Course

Politics and Diplomacy: Resurgence of Japanese Politics and Diplomacy: multi-angled/layered structure of national reformation led by conservative politics

Director of Research NAM Ki-Jeong (SNU) Welfare and Defense in Aging Era: Political Economy of “Butter and Gun”
Joint Researcher PARK Cheol Hee (SNU) Reconstruction of LDP(Liberal Democratic Party)’s Dominance Regime and Its Prospect: Ensemble of Abenomics and Constitutional Reform Theory
JIN Pil Su (SNU) Japan’s Conservative Swing and the New Development of Okinawa Anti-Base Movement: Okinawa as Japan’s Achilles Heel
PARK Young Jun (Korea Nat. Defense Univ.) Japan’s Globe Diplomacy and Innovations of US-Japan Alliance: From Regional Alliance to Global Alliance
KIMIYA Tadashi (Univ. of Tokyo) The Rise of China and Japan’s Strategy on the Korean Peninsula: Divergence and Convergence of History and National Interest
KYUNG Jei Hee Dichotomy of Japan’s Diplomacy and Public Opinion: The Speed and Limitation in Normalization of State
Research Assistant JO Bi Yeon SNU Graduate School of International Studies, Doctoral Course

History and Society: Fluidization of Community Boundaries and the Infiltration of “State”

Director of Research KIM Hyo Jin (SNU) Sexual Minority and Same-sex Partnership: Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion (working title)
LEE Eun Gyong (SNU) When Women “Loves the Nation”: Genealogy of Modern Japanese Women’s Patriotism
Joint Researcher KANG Tae Woong (Kwangwoon Univ.) Imagining the Image of Japan’s 21stCenturyfromtheTrendofEulogytoJapan
PARK Seung Hyun Council on Social Welfare and the Discussion of New Publicness (working title)
PARK Hun (SNU) Genealogy of the Genesis of China Heterogeneity Theory in “Hate-China”
LEE Kyung Bun (SNU) The Fantasy of “Japanese” Pop Music: “Furusato” Pop and Enka (working paper)
JUNG Ji Hee (SNU) Rhetoric of “National Competitiveness” and Soft Power in the Era of Disintegrating Community: NHK Projection of International Broadcasting to Foreigners
CHOI Jae Hyuk (SNU) Interlocking “Japanese Art Boom” and Japanese Modern Art: Focusing on the New Strategy of Murakami Takashi(村上隆) (working title)
Research Assistant KIM Min SNU Asian History, Master’s Course