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Domestic Academic Conferences


No. Title Date
72 [Domestic Conference] ILBI Conference "100 Years of Contemporary Japanese Perception of Korea" 2022-05-06
71 [Domestic Conference] The Birth and Branching of Modern Japanese Religious Studies: Tetsujiro Inoue and His Successors 2022-02-18
70 [Domestic Academic Conference] From 'Zainichi Literature' to 'Diaspora Literature': Life and History of 'Zainism' in Contemporary Korean Diaspora Literature 2021-12-27
69 [HK+ Symposium] The Maturity and Crisis of Japanese Capitalism 2021-12-17
68 [HK+ Symposium] The Maturity and Crisis of Japanese Democracy 2021-12-10
67 [ILBI Conference] "Academic society, educational gap, and social mobility: a question from Japanese experience" 2021-11-05
66 [Domestic] 2021 Contemporary Japanese Society Summer Conference 2021-08-20
65 Academic Conference <"Base State" Japan and "Post-War" Ideology Space> 2021-06-25
64 Improving Korea-Japan relations TF team Seminar 2021-05-24
63 [ILBI Conference] 10 Years of the Abe Administration and Changes in Japanese Politics 2021-04-30
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