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Exploring Japan's Life-World

Support for Undergraduate Students

“Exploring Japanese Life-World Class” is a cultural lecture program for undergraduate students which aims at deepening the understanding about Japan through exploring the life and consciousness of the contemporary Japanese people. The affiliated researchers at IJS participate as lecturers, and, applying their fields of specialty, they introduce the reality of the Japanese people that takes place in its life-world.
2024: Junior Fellow-12
Date Lecturer Title
13-Mar Lee Eun-gyong A Minimal Knowledge about Japan: Historic flow and Tokyo
27-Mar Park Samheon How Did Japan Start After the War?
3-Apr Park Jeehwan Structural Changes and Composition of Alternative Publicity in Japan After the War
17-Apr Park Yijin What Kind of World Will Japan Be In the Future?: Japanese Representation of the Novels "The World of Extinction" by Sayaka Murata, "Exodus to the Land of Hope" by Murakami Ryu
1-May Nam Kijeong A Transformation of Korea-Japan Relations led by Mid-sized Power Korea
22-May Hong Jongwook The Description of Modern Korean History in Japanese History Textbooks

2023: Junior Fellow-11
Date Lecturer Title
15-Mar Lee Eun-gyong History and Maps of Tokyo: A Historical Understanding of Tokyo Tourism
29-Mar Park Cheol-Hee Yoon Suk-yeol government's policy stance on Japan and correcting Korea-Japan relations
12-Apr Kim Hyojin The Whereabouts of Japanese Otaku Culture Via the History of Comic Market 
26-Apr Nam Ki Jeong Korea-Japan Relations Transition Led by S. Korea, the middle power
10-May Kim Ji Young Acceptance of 'K-Literature' in Japan and Contemporary Literature of Korea and Japan
24-May Kim Gye Won A Camera Chasing Traces and Rupture : the Gaze of Contemporary Japanese Photography
13-Sep Jeong Ji hee Japan`s Rewriting of Asia-Pacific War History and Media After the War and Post-War
20-Sep Cho Hyunjeong House After Nuclear Family : The Theory of Housing in Postwar Japanese Architecture 
11-Oct Park Eunyoung Why are there fewer Christian in Japan?: Japanese View of Religion 
25-Oct Park Jeehwan The Social Role of Middle School Education 
8-Nov Matsutani Motokazu Thinking About Korea-Japan Relationship in Fukushima
22-Nov Kim Byungjin Japanese Manga and Historical Revisionism 
2022: Junior Fellow-10
Date Lecturer Title
16-Mar Matsutani, Motokazu (Tohoku Gakuin University)

Reckoning 11th Anniversary of March 11 in Fukushima: did the Great Earthquake change the Japanese society? 

30-Mar Kim, Hyojin 

Fujoshi and Female Otaku : Centering the Changes Since 2000 

13-Apr Lee, Changmin  (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) 

Poor State, Rich Citizens – Japan 

27-Apr Kim, Bokyung (Korea National Open University)

Originality of the Movie “Rashomon” 

11-May Cho, Hyunjung (KAIST)  

Anthropocene and Architecture : the Narrative of Disaster and survival in Post-war Japanese Architecture

18-May Nam, Ki Jeong Great Shift of Korea-Japan Relationship by Middle-power Korea
25-May Oh, Seung-Hee

Current Situation and Issues of China-Japan Relationship and Korea 

14-Sep Jung, Ji hee

Rewriting of the History of Asia-Pacific War and Mass Media Post-War Japan and Asia

28-Sep Park, Jee hwan

Structural Transformation of Postwar Japanese Society and the Search for New Publicity: A Case of the Lower Urban Area of Osaka

12-Oct Park Cheol-hee

How do we evaluate the Abe Era?

2-Nov Lee Eun-gyong

Modern Japanese Women's Struggles

16-Nov Han Gyung-ja

Kabuki and Joruri: Theater and Death in Modern Japan

30-Nov Hong Jong-wook

A Description of Korean Modern History of Japanese History Textbooks

2018: Junior Fellow-6
Date Lecturer Title
14-Mar Lee, Eun-Gyong

Struggles of Modern Japanese Women

28-Mar Nam, Ki Jeong

East Asian International Politics and Korea-Japan Relations

11-Apr Han, Young-Hae

Historicization and De-historicization of Memory : Comparison of Korean and Japanese Holidays

25-Apr Yeo, In-Man

History and Status of Japanese Economy and Enterprise System

9-May Hong, Jong Wook

History and Reality of Dokdo (Takeshima) Problem

23-May Asano Kana Onigiri and Japan’s Food Culture
12-Sep Seo, Dong Ju

Issues of Contemporary Japanese Culture

19-Sep Lee, Eun-Gyong

Tokyo Story: Focusing on History, Maps and Disasters

2017: Junior Fellow-5
Date Lecturer Title
15-Mar Lee, Eun-Gyong Grasping the Japanese History
29-Mar Lee, Kyungboon Accepting Western Music into Modern Japanese Empire – Until the First World War
12-Apr Nam, Ki Jeong Development of Postwar Japanese Politics and Constitution Amendment (Plan)
26-Apr Park, Kyu Tae Reading The Chrysanthemum and the Sword with the Cultural Code of Japan
10-May Kim, Hyojin Intersection of Subculture and Mainstream Society – Focusing on Comic Markets since the 2000s
24-May Seo, Dong Ju “Imperial City(帝都)” of Tokyo and “Disturbing” Koreans – Nakano Shigeharu, Literature, Tennō
13-Sep Seo, Dong Ju Imagining Cold War as “Postwar” – Postwar Japan’s Use of Nuclear Power and “Good” Japanese
27-Sep Jin Pil-Su Introduction to Okinawa Culture – US Army Base and Village Communities
11-Oct Jung Ji-Hee Political Power and Freedom of Expression – NHK, Ideal and Reality of Public Broadcasting
25-Oct Shin Ki-Young Significance and Problem of Japan’s Peace Constitution
08-Nov Kim Tae Jin Rereading Fukuzawa Yukichi – National Sovereignty and People’s Rights
22-Nov Asano Kana Onigiri and Japan’s Food Culture
2016: Junior Fellow-4
Date Lecturer Title
09-Mar Lee, Eun-Gyeong Understanding Japanese History
23-Mar Nam, Ki-Jeong Development of Postwar Japanese Politics and Constitution Amendment (Plan)
06-Apr Park, Cheol Hee Why does the Conservative Shift in Japan Matters?
27-Apr Kim, Hyojin The 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Japnese Society: Case Study on the 'Plutokun'
11-May Jo, Gwanja Japan’s Conservative Ideology and Anti-Korean Sentiment: Redrawing the East Asia Ideological Geography
25-May Seo, Dong-Joo Japanese Modern Literature and the Logic of “Mind” 
21-Sept Lee, Eun-Gyeong History of Japanese Women: Image and Reality 
28-Sept Jung, Ji Hee NHK, Duet of “National Policy” and “Public Good”“ Ideal and Reality of Public Service Broadcasting
12-Oct Jin, Pil-Su High Growth and Aging Society: Japan’s First New Housing Town Senri New-Town
26-Oct Kim, Tae-Ki Japanese Society and Koreans in Japan: State, Nation, and Individual
9-Nov Song, Ji Yeon The Development and Transformation of Japan’s Capitalism
23-Nov Lee, Kyungboon Imperial Japan’s Acceptance of Western Music: From Meiji Period to the WWI
2015: Junior Fellow-3
Date Lecturer Title
11-Mar Lee, Eun-Gyeong Grasping the Context of Japanese History
25-Mar Park, Cheol Hee Why does the Conservative Shift in Japan Matters?
08-Apr Nam, Ki-Jeong Development of Postwar Japanese Politics and Constitutional Amendment
22-Apr Jin, Pil-Su Japan’s Immigration Problem and Examination of Multiculturalism
13-May Jo, Gwanja Japan’s Nationalism and Right-wing Ideology
27-May Song, Ji Yeon Discovering Japanese Capitalism and Its Challenges
9-Sept Lee, Eun-Gyeong History of Japanese Women: Image and Reality 
23-Sept Kim, Hyojin Rethinking Korea-Japan Cultural Exchange: Focusing on the Case of Otaku Culture
14-Oct Jung, Ji Hee Everyday Life and Politics in Informatization and New Media Age
28-Oct Lee, Kyungboon History of Western Music in Japanese Empire: from Meiji Period to WWI
11-Nov Hong, Jong Wook University Students of Kyoto Studying Korea
25-Nov Nam, Ki-Jeong Korea and Japan in East Asian International Relations
2014: Junior Fellow-2
Date Lecturer Title
12-Mar Park, Jee-Hwan Inequality of Japanese Society and School Education
19-Mar Park, Cheol Hee Transformations of Political System in Postwar Japan
07-Apr Lee, Eun-Gyeong Understanding the History of Japan
23-Apr Nam, Ki-Jeong Japanese Politics and Constitutional Reform
14-May Nam, Sang-Wook Transformations of Literature in Modern Japan
28-May Lee, Yoon Suk Elderly Care System in Contemporary Japan
3-Sept Lim, Chai-Sung The Current State of Japanese Economy
24-Sept Nam, Ki-Jeong Korea and Japan under the Postwar East Asian Political Arena
8-Oct Jo, Gwanja Thoughts of Japan and Conservative Japanese Thoughts
22-Oct Jin, Pil-Su Cultural Theory of Kuro-Siro: Formation, Development, and Prospect
5-Nov Park, Jee-Hwan Civil Movement in Japanese Society
26-Nov Lee, Kyungboon Music of Imperial Japan and Propaganda
2013: Junior Fellow-1
Date Lecturer Title
20-Mar Park, Jee-Hwan Formation of Village-Culture in Modern Japanese Society
17-Apr Nam, Ki-Jeong Is Japanese Politics Unstable: Postwar Japanese Politics
15-May Lim, Chai-Sung Japanese Economy through Nuclear Energy
11-Sept Lee, Eun-Gyeong Japan’s History
25-Sept Park, Cheol Hee Abe’s Japan and DPJ’s Politics
2-Oct Jin, Pil-Su Okinawa Sorage (Aman, Yadokari) and Aerial Burial
23-Oct Cho, Ahra Japanese Region Development and Machitsukuri
13-Nov Seo, Dong-Joo Nobel Prize and Japanese Literature: Kawabata Yasunari’s [Winter Land]
27-Nov Jo, Gwanja Japanese’ Perspective on Asia