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Japan Round Table

Support for Graduate Students

Graduate students at GSIS organize Japan Table, where they discuss a variety of academic and social issues concerning Japan. IJS provides guidance to the selection of themes as well as financial support necessary to the operation of this weekly meeting.



Heejin Kim

Miyu Yokose

Alice Jiye Lee

Miri Matsuo

Hyeju Kim

Brain Hyunjun Kim

Chanhui Lee

Soojeong Shin

Chengxuan Han

Soeun Sim

Kuanlim Khu

Kunwoo Park
Minegishi Yuna
Nagai Chihiro

Takenaka Mitsuka

Andrew Soohwan Kim

Inhwa Chang

Sara Shibata

Hyunjoon Kim

Japan that is Writtn in Chinese History Textbook(Chengxuan Han)

Taiwan and Shinto Culture in Japan(Kuanlim Khu)

The Conservatization of Japanese Politics (Hyeju Kim)
Yokan (Kunwoo Park)
The Folk Arts in Edo Period (Miyu Yokose)

Who is the Prime Minister in Japan (Soojeong Shin)

Midashinami (Chanhui Lee)
日本の流行語と社会背景 (Miyu Yokose)
The Fall of Akihabara? (Hyunjoon Kim)
Limited Edition Products at Hand (Kunwoo Park)
The New Phenomenon of "Otaku" in Japan 日本における新しい「オタク」の型 (Sara Shibata)
Inside Kyoto (Inhwa Chang)
沖縄旅行 (Andrew Soohwan Kim)


  • Jang, In-Hwa (International Region)

  • Saeseung Kim (International Region)

  • Hyeju Kim (International Region)

  • Nam Seung-hyun (International Region)

  • Sabina Suryo Seo (International Region)

  • Jungmin Lee (International Region)

  • YOKOSE YUTARO (International Region)

  • SHIYUN WU (International Region)

  • Alice Jiye Lee (International Region)

  • Jaehee Park (International Region)

  • Jeewon CHOI (International Region)

  • Miri Matsuo (International Cooperation)

  • Alexandra Urban (International Relations)

Japan and Pop Culture (Matsuo Miri)

Yosakoi Matsuri (Kim Hye-joo)

HeforShe Club (Lee Chan-hee)

History of Sushi (Sabina Suryeo)

A Study on the Method of Survival of Shrines in Modern Japanese Society (Jang In-Hwa)

Job hunting in Japan (Yutaro Yokose)

Methodology of Creation (Kim Se-seung)

Japanese Youth (Matsuo Miri)

2020 : Japan Round Table was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.



  • Bae Yoo-jin (International Area Studies)

  • Jong-beom Woo (International Trade)

  • Jang, In-hwa (International Area Studies)

  • Haeun Youn (International Area Studies)

  • Fumi Furusato (International Cooperation)

  • Daesoon Kwak (International Cooperation)

  • Yang, In-Jong (International Trade)

  • Dajeong Ryu (International Cooperation)

  • Hinako Takahashi (Korean Studies)

  • Jeongmin Lee (International Trade)

  • Jaeho Kim (International Area Studies)

  • Jiezal nara (International Cooperation)

  • Nahyeon Park (International Area Studies)

  • Young-Joo Ahn (International Area Studies)

  • Chan Lee (International Area Studies)

  • Chi-Min Oh (International Area Studies)

Hate speech in the media (Park Na-hyun)

Japanese Honne and Tatemae (Fumi Furusato)

Hinamatsuri (Emari Kawase)

Japan's new era name: Reiwa (Seika Kato)

Japanese banknotes (Fumi Furusato)

Limited edition of Japan (Ryojai)

Nonmarriageism in Japan (Woo Jong-beom)

Tapioca Boom in Japan (Tingting)

Reproduction of facts through cultural contents (Na-Hyun Park)

Japanese Minority (Kentaro Sakamoto, exchange student)

Differences and Implications of American and Japanese Heroes (Woo Jong-beom)

Japanese idol culture seen through uni-dol (Hinako Takahashi)

The first black samurai in history, Yasuke (Jiezel Nara)

Student Life in Countries - Finland Korea Japan (Na-Hyun Park)

A Study on the Japanese "Kimono Police" (Fumi Furusato)

Japanese culture through animation (Ahn Young-joo)

Comparison of perceptions between Korea and Japan through TV programs (Na-Hyun Park)

Introduction to the Nagoya region - based on the presenter's experience (Jung-Min Lee)

Characters in Japanese banknotes (Kim Jae-ho)

Japanese in Korean, Korean in Japanese (Nahyun Park)


  • Emari Kawase (Cooperation)
  • Hwang, Hye Sun (Area Studies)
  • Bae, Yoo Jin (Area Studies)
  • Park, Na Hyun (Area Studies)
  • Liao Ziyi (Area Studies)
  • Ryu, Da Jung (Cooperation)
Relationship between Sento (錢湯)and Niigata as the Representative of Japanese Popular Culture
Japanese Subculture
Japanese Coming-of-age Ceremony
Problems with Translation of Pokemon
Japanese Dining Custom
Japan's Cool Japan Policy
Use of Snow in Niigata,Yukiguni (雪國)
Senryu (川柳)
Takarazuka Revue (宝塚歌劇団)


Japanese Food Culture
  • Huh, Sang Jun (Commerce)
  • Kwak, Hye Sun (Commerce)
  • Xia Liqin (Area Studies)
  • Shi Xiang Kun (Campus Asia)
  • Hwang, Hye Sun (Area Studies)
  • Lee, Koan (Commerce)
  • Kim, Jiwon (Area Studies)
  • Tetsuo Kan (Exchanger Student)
  • Alexander F. (Area Studies)
  • Lee, Min Jin (Area Studies)
  • Emari Kawase (Cooperation)
Japan’s Social Enterprises
Major Cities of Japan – Osaka and Onsen (Hot Spring)
Art and Daily Life – Architect Ando Tadao
The History of Burakumin and Japan’s Class Discrimination, Hikikomori Phenomenon
“Working Poor”
Japanese Drinking Culture
Attachment and Pride of Japanese People to Their Hometowns
Using Snow as Resources – Nigata Prefecture
Comparing Korean and Japanese Food Culture
Japanese and Chinese Traditional Dress
Japan as Aging Society
Foreigners in Japanese Society
Japan’s Pension System
Japanese Ideol Agency – Johnny’s
Japan’s Traditional Sports, Sumo


Female Employment in Japan
  • Seong, Ji Min(Area Studies)
  • Jeong, Jun Ho(Area Studies)
  • Lee, Min Jin(Area Studies)
  • Lee, Eui Jin(Campus Asia)
  • Kim, Ye Seul(Area Studies)
  • Jeong, Da Um(Cooperation)
  • Crystal Huang(Cooperation)
  • Kawase Emari(Cooperation)
  • Naoko Toyoizumi(Area Studies)
  • Aiko Suegane(Campus Asia)
  • Miyuki Tsuru(Campus Asia)
  • Seunghun Back(Cooperation)
  • Huanghao(Area Studies)
Collective Self Defense Rights
Yakuza in Japanese Society
Tadao Ando – the Architect
Soap Opera in Japan
Job Hunting
Russo-Japanese Relations
Social and Legal Status of Minorities in Japan
Immigration Management, Control Policy of Japanese Government
Cambodia’s Diplomatic Strategy within the Power Game between China and Japan
Education Policy of Abe Administration – “Abeducation (Abe+Education)”
Japan’s Novelist Natsume Soseki and “Mind(こころ)”
Social Context and Related Law of Japan’s Current Social Problem – Sex Industry
Multicultural Spirit in Japanese Society, Unique Socio-culture Characteristics of Japan


Date Participants
Government Sponsored Korea-Japan Exchange March 9
  • Jeong, Su-Gyeong (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Yea-Sul (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Won-Min (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Park, Beom-Jun (Campus Asia)
  • Kim, Gwang-Woo
  • Kawaguchi, Shun (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Takahashi, Ai (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Jae-Woo
  • Park, Mi-Ran
  • Choi, Gyu-Ho (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Ma, Young-Jun (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Yu, Han-Na (International Commerce Major)
  • Jeong, Yea-Jin (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Choi, Se-Na (European Area Studies)
  • Park, Hyun-Gang (European Area Studies)
  • Na, A-Ram (International Commerce Major)
  • Yu, Sang-Hee (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Benedict (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Yea-Dam (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Michael Thompson
  • Inada, Keisuke
  • Kim, Hailiey
  • Park, Yehsle
  • Marmbo, Ali
  • Zhang, Liuyav
  • Naoki (Exchange Student)
  • Song, Ling
  • Kang, Lin (Korean Studies)
  • Waka (Exchange Student)
Orientation March 11
美魔女(Bimajyo; Beautiful Witch) Phenomenon March 18
The Second Defeat and the Identity of Aizu March 24
The Biography of Prime Minister Abe Shinzo March 30
The State Form of Japan April 7
Korea-Japan Relationship in History: Mimana(Yimna) Problem, Japanese Pirates, Tongsinsa (mission) April 28
The History of Korea-Japan Relationship: Historical Issues from Ancient to Medieval Period May 4
Japan’s Onsen(Hot Spring) Culture May 11
US-Japan TPP Negotiation May 18


Date Participants
Government Level Korea-Japan Exchange March 19
  • Kaoru Chiba (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Benedikt Buchel (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Lee, Hwa-Young (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Han, Ah-Ram (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Lee, Bobae (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Park, Bum-Joon (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Hyung-Sun (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Sheen, Se-Rin (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Heo, Hae-Yeon (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Shimada, Yosuke (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Min-Joo (International Commerce)
Abenomics March 26
Aging Society and Low Birthrate April 2
Economic Cooperation:FTA April 9
Abe and Mishima Yukio April 16
Japan’s Consumer Tax May 7
Education of Second Language May 14
Korean-Japanese’ Political Suffrage Issue May 21
Korean-Japanese’ Social Status May 28
Social Networking June 4


Date Participants
Orientation March 18
  • Kim, Ho-Yoon (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Lee, Shin-Ae (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Ootsu, Haruna (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Yoo, Song-Hyun (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Choi, Ji-Ih (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Ahn, Sang-Mi (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Han, Yu-Jin (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Yuri (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Park, Bum-Joon (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Watanabe, Yoshinobu (Campus Asia)
  • Lim, Shin-Bee (Korean Studies)
  • Kim, Hyung-Sun (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Lee, Eunyoung (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Park, Jee-Youn (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Shimada, Yosuke (Japanese Area Studies)
Perpetrator and Victim’s Different Historical Perception March 25
Comparison of Korean and Japanese Enterprises April 1
Japan’s Increasing Single-Household and Aging Issue April 8
Japan’s Yutori Education and its Problems April 15
Yasukuni Shrine Issue April 22
Japan’s Infantile Education May 6
Political Conflict and Settlement in Korea-Japan Relations May 13
Comparison of Korea and Japan’s Internet and SNS Political Acitivities May 20
Japan’s Marriage Culture May 27


Date Participants
Orientation Sept. 13
  • 박민선 (조교)(일본지역학)
  • 오오츠 하루나 (조교)(일본지역학)
  • Yoo, Song-Hyun (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Choi, Ji-Ih (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Park, Kkossongi (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Shim, Mi-jyung (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Ahn, Sang-Mi (Japanese Area Studies)
  • In, Chang-Wook (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kang, Se-young (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Lee, Jae-Suk (Japanese Area Studies)
  • Kim, Jung-Min (Korean Studies)
  • Kwon, Ku-Ryul (Chinese Area Studies)
  • Ono, Yuto (Campus Asia)
  • Fukushima, Yuki (Campus Asia)
  • Shigemi, Tadahiro (International Commerce)
  • Ahn, Sang-hwa (Depart. Of Economics)
일본과 한국의 역사문제의 해결 방법 Sept. 20
Whereabouts and Future of Territorial Disputes: Dokdo/Takeshima, Senkaku Islands Sept. 27
Japan’s Party Politics Oct. 4
3.11 Earthquake and Thereafter Oct. 11
Nuclear Power Plants and Its Safety Oct. 18
Japan’s Anti-Korea/Korea’s Anti-Japan Sentiments Oct. 25
China’s Anti-Japan Movements Nov. 1
Problems and Solutions to Lowering Childbirth and Aging Society Nov. 8
Ways to Improve the Lives of Koreans Living in Japan Nov. 15
Japanese Companies’ Failures and Reason Behind Nov. 22
The Reality of Korean Wave in Japan Nov. 29
Discussions on Korea-China-Japan Exchange Program Dec. 6