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COVID-19 South Korea-Japan Academic Webinar 's Details
Title COVID-19 South Korea-Japan Academic Webinar
Host IJS SNU, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University AI Institutes, Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project
Time Thursday, March 25, 2021 13:20-17:20
Venue Youtube live
[3/25] COVID-19 South Korea-Japan Academic Webinar

Opening Ceremony 13:20-13:30
NAM, Ki-Jeong | Professor at SNU IJS
KIM, Hyun-Chul | Director at SNU IJS

Keynote Speech 13:30-13:50
KIM, Yon Su | Seoul National University Hospital President & CEO
“New normal, how can we make?”

Masaomi Nangaku | The University of Tokyo Hospital
“Lessons from combat against COVID-19”

Session 1 – COVID-19 Responses and Korea-Japan Medical Systems 13:55-14:40
Moderator: NAM, Ki-Jeong | Professor at SNU IJS

YANAGIMOTO Shintaro | The University of Tokyo
“Japan’s medical system in response to COVID-19 infections”

HONG Yun-Chul | SNU Department of Preventive Medicine
“Smart medical system in post-COVID-19 era”

Discussion Q&A

Session 2 – Post-COVID-19 New Normal and AI Era 14:45-15:45
Moderator: NAM, Ki-Jeong | Professor at SNU IJS

ZHANG, Byoung-Tak | Director SNU AI Institute (AIIS)
The Role of AI in Post-COVID-19: Prospects for South Kore

SUGIYAMA Masashi | School of Science, the University of Tokyo
Japan’s research in machine learning in post-COVID-19 era

Discussion Q&A

Session 3 – COVID-19 and Public Health 15:45-16:30
Moderator: SEO, Dong Ju | SNU IJS

DOMIO Jun | The University of Tokyo
“COVID-19 public health response: Japan’s response and tasks”

BAEK, Domyung, PARK, Hyemin, JO, Kyungi | SNU Graduate School of Public Health
“Excess and deficit in total deaths from COVID-19 in South Korea”

Discussion Q&A

Session 4 – COVID-19 Risk and Blindspots of Life 16:35-17:20
Jo, Gwan-Ja | Professor at SNU IJS
“Corona Blue and Suicide Trends: Korea’s Response Measures and Tasks”

Shimiz Yasuyuki | Chairman, Suicide Prevention Center
Suicide Trends and Tasks from COVID-19 Crisis

Discussion Q&A