[DUE 2/5] Job Opening for Humanities Korea (HK) Research Professor

January 21, 2021l Hit 192

Seoul National University (SNU) – Institute for Japanese Studies (IJS)
Humanities Korea (HK) Job Opening Notice

SNU IJS has been recently selected for Type 2 of Humanities Korea+ (HK+) Project. Thus, we are now hiring HK Research Professors to work with us.  

I. IJS HK+ Project Overview
Our agenda for HK+ Project  for the next seven years (Sep. 2019 ~ August 2026) is "Studying Japanese Life-World in the Era of Post-Regional Studies: Maturity and Transfiguration, Crisis and Solidarity." For further details, please refer to the attached documents (written in Korean).

II. HK Research Professor

(1) Recruiting Area
One candidate in Japanese politics/foreign affairs or economy/business area

(2) Appointment Date
April 1, 2021 (expected)

(3) Hiring Condition
1. Employment sustains until August 2022, capable of renewal
2. Professors must publish 200% research records in Korean or other languages (KCI or above) each year
3. Employment is full-time, and he/she carries out the institute's various research projects
4. 36,000,000 KRW + insurance, extra incentive

(4) Qualification

1. PhD degree holder in relevant discipline

2. 200% or more research records within three years after March 2018 (PhD dissertation counts as 100%)  
3. Suitable for carrying out the agenda of HK+ Project  
4. Experience in research project is preferred
5. Applicants who qualifiy the SNU Recruitment Policy  

(5) Application Submission
1. Submission Period: Jan. 21, 2021(Thu) ~ Feb. 5, 2021(Thu) 17:00

2. How to Submit: in person or by mail (only those delivered by the deadline will be accepted)
3. Location:  Seoul National University Institute for Japanese Studies Administration Office (Graduate School of International Studies, Bldg. 140, Room #403), Gwanak-ro 1, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea 08826

(6) Application Process
1st Round - document review
2nd Round - major review (for those who passed the 1st Round)
3rd Round - interview

(7) Evaluation Criteria
Comprehensive research records, suitability with the research agenda, recent publication, research plans, etc.

(8) Required Documents
1. 1st Round
- Application (attached below)
- Diploma (undergraduate and graduate) ※ if copies of the original are to be submitted, they need to be verified with originals before submission
- Transcript (undergraduate and graduate)
2. 2nd Round
- PhD dissertation
- 200% research records (a set of 5: 1x original, 4x copies)


(9) Result Notification
Each candidate will be evaluated and notified individually

(10) Miscellaneous
- There may be no selection due to a lack of qualifying candidates and appointment period may be changed according to related regulations and policies
- Selection may be cancelled if the submitted documents are proven inaccurate
- Appointment may be terminated if there are shortfalls to appointment qualifications such as eligibility or research achievement
- Submitted documents will not be returned


(11) Contact
Institute for Japanese Studies Administration Office
02-880-8503 (phone), 02-874-3689 (fax), miyabi@snu.ac.kr (email)

January 21, 2021
Director, Institute for Japanese Studies